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From Military To Two Thriving Gym Facilities Ricky Berry Of RB5 Shares His FMA Journey With Us

  How did you get into the fitness industry?
Ricky: I started in 2011, when I was medically discharged from the army. The army paid for my Personal Trainer course, and fortunately I was able to get a job in a big Virgin Active club. I loved being around lots of people, and quickly progressed to the role of Group Exercise Lead Trainer enabling me to travel around the country training other group exercise instructors. Sadly, I was made redundant and that is when I decided to set up my own business.
  How did RB5 get started?
Ricky: When I first took the leap into being self-employed I rented space in another small local gym and built up my business little bit by little bit. One of my clients gave me the details of a contact who owns the building my business is now situated in. I had a look around and set up RB5 from then.
  Why bring Fitness Marketing Agency (FMA) on board?
Ricky: Before I hired FMA I was spinning lots of things like training clients, doing the marketing, filming content, doing the analytics for our website and of course all the team meetings. This was bang, bang, bang, next to each other and I completely stopped training myself because my first priority was the business. I couldn’t carry on like that, it was not healthy for myself. 
I met Ben from FMA at a fitness convention and immediately hit it off. I could relate to his past and his experiences and how it could help me going forward. From a few live events we stayed in contact, then through Facebook I became a client.
  How has FMA helped your business?
Ricky: FMA has helped me get to grips with technology, how to streamline the online marketing of RB5 and improve our lead conversion. Running a business nowadays requires digital marketing and there is a lot of technology to get involved with. Now I am quite tech savvy, I used Clickfunnels, I did active campaigns and infusionsoft, but as you know it is quite time consuming to master those and get things running. So what we have done is off loaded all this to FMA.
  How does it work?
Ricky: Whenever a campaign goes live, we have a strategy call at the start of the month for the following two months so we know what content to actually produce and what we need to send to Fitness Marketing Agency. Once we have sent that we have to give it an approval and then the campaign goes live. The following part of that is dead easy. We just get all the leads, we contact them and convert them. Marketing and all the strategy behind it can take up a hell of a lot of time, particularly if it is not your main focus. The best thing we ever did was get FMA on board.
  How has FMA changed your business?
Ricky: Since being a client of FMA we have grown our business from 15 clients all the way to 130 – enabling us to open up a second facility. One of the main benefits of being a FMA client is that the community is outstanding. Being a business owner is very lonely, you can't share personal information with all the competitors for obvious reasons. Being part of this wider FMA community, outside our area, means if I have problems we can share them and we then get solutions straight away. We give something and we get something back and that is a really powerful thing, I find that one of the main selling points of being part of FMA.
  What would you say to anyone sitting on the fence?
If you are sitting on the fence, my advice would be just go ahead and do it. Like most people, you are looking for the next instruction. Whether it is a PT who has a 1000K following on social media, or some kind of guru. It is fine to do their courses, but you are only getting the information, NOT someone doing the hard work for you. FMA teaches you the information, but at the same time they implement all the marketing strategies too. So with FMA all my marketing is done for me. 
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