We’ve Gone From 60 to 110 Active Members! It’s A Huge Help Having Your Ad & Funnels All Done For You, So I Can Focus On What I Like To Do Best!
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From Teaching 43 Classes A Week & Working On His Business KDF Fitness, Alone Karl Doyle Found Time For Himself Again Once He Reached Out To Fitness Marketing Agency

  So tell us a little bit about yourself
Karl: KDF Fitness has been going for about 3 years now and we have over 120 clients every month.
It started when the gym I was working in closed down and members asked where I was going and what I was doing. I felt I had an opportunity, one I couldn’t pass over, so I started KDF Fitness. It was a great start.
The first 6 months to a year was all about building the gym and getting the good equipment, like we now have here. Then it was about building my business plan and working out what it was I wanted to do. When I started, it was all about helping my existing clients. There was no thought process about where I was really going.
Initially, it was very hard. I had no staff, it was just me working 6am to 9pm Monday to Friday, all day Saturday and most of Sunday. It had a huge impact at home, on my relationships. I just didn’t have an awful lot of time for myself. I taught 43 classes a week, doing the figures, ordering the supplements. Pretty much I did all that needed to do!
  How did you market yourself prior to Fitness Marketing Agency?
Karl: When it came to sales and marketing there was very little done. It was just 70 Euro for 6 weeks, every six weeks. Then the odd Facebook post here and there. That was about all the advertising I had ever done. I didn’t really understand how to market or attract new people. I had no idea how to build an audience or any of the things that we have built on since. The marketing that was done, was done pretty poorly!
  What made you choose the Fitness Marketing Agency?
Karl: I knew if I wanted to progress, if I wanted the business to grow and get to that next level. I knew I needed to reach out and get help. I spoke to people I knew in the industry. People I knew well and trusted and people who were doing really well themselves. Two or three suggested the Fitness Marketing Agency (FMA), which is why I decided to approach them.
  What impact has Fitness Marketing Agency had on your fitness business?
Karl: Before joining FMA we had 16 or 17 active members every month. Since joining FMA we have gone steadily up every month to where we now have 110-120 active members. To not have to worry about marketing, to be given everything we will need, is a huge help. To know you have clients always coming in is great. FMA have probably taken a weeks worth of work off my back every month.
I want to be sitting in the gym working with my clients every month, not spending time sitting behind a computer. So if you really want to improve, take that next step, bringing new clients in. Or you get to the point, like me, where you have no more time to put in. You need the help of someone who really knows how to market a business, how to bring new clients in. I would recommend FMA, they will help you take the next step and push forward your business.
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