Previously I Was In A Pull Your Hair Out Stage When It Came To Marketing & Tech. Working With FMA It’s All Done For You, It’s Easy To Follow & We’re Now Close To Capacity!
Are You Ready to Start Getting Clients Everyday
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About Joe O' Shaughnessy

Who? Joe O’Shaughnessy

Date Joined: July 2017

Problem: Joe was busy running his company and other ventures. He didn’t have time to mess around with ClickFunnels, Facebook ads, Email systems, re-targeting, YouTube ads and more…

Solution: Joe Joined Fitness Marketing Agency UpLevel programme (A 12-month programme that shows you how to scale your fitness business using online and offline marketing.)

Did it work? Yep! Month after month his business empire is growing thanks to FMA and the best thing is…
He doesn’t have tech overwhelm as he doesn’t have to do it!
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