Previously I Was In A Pull Your Hair Out Stage When It Came To Marketing & Tech. Working With FMA It’s All Done For You, It’s Easy To Follow & We’re Now Close To Capacity!
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From A Bootcamp On The Beach To Corporate Wellness Accounts Worldwide Joe O' Shaughnessy Of Urban Fitness Has Major Plans For Future Growth With The Help Of FMA

  Tell us a little bit about yourself
Joe: Seven years ago it started with a Bootcamp on the beach. Now we have this facility here, with corporate contracts providing corporate fitness packages. I have always had a passion for fitness. It is something I’ve enjoyed from a young age. I played semi-professional football when I was younger but had a knee injury which got me into the gym and the seed grew.
When I started I had no idea about marketing. I was simply passionate about fitness and simply started by gathering everyone in the local area and telling them about this new fitness programme on the beach. Gathering people by word of mouth. Some weeks we had 20 people other weeks 1, a lot of weeks none. We didn’t let that get us down. We concentrated on how to become better coaches. Learning more about fitness etc. I should have spent more time on marketing, learning how to fill the centre. There is no point being a good coach if you cant get people to come into your gym!
  How did you market yourself prior to Fitness Marketing Agency?
Joe: Before I started working with FMA I had no rhyme or reason for my marketing. Previously, I was at a pull your hair out stage. Build a landing page here, build a portal there. I was spending a lot of time looking at a computer and trying to build something that I had no real interest in. Also I didn’t feel it was where my time was bet spent. 
  What impact has it had on your business?
Joe: What I love about working alongside FMA is it is all done for you. All the tech stuff is taken away from you, you just get a list of what you need to do every month. It is the way to do things. Since we started working with the guys at FMA we have structure through our marketing, ensuring we are targeting the right people. Now we are getting the right people to our gym and we are now near capacity at Urban Fitness. This has allowed us to make major plans for growth in the future. We have corporate wellness accounts all over Dublin, also in London and Paris. So there is huge scope for growth. Walking alongside FMA is certainly going to help us get to the new levels we expect!
  What would you tell others who may be sitting on the fence?
Joe: Anyone who is thinking, or sitting on the fence, it is a no brainer. It has been hands on the best decision I have made when it comes to marketing my business. Having the fitness marketing for my gym taken care of is the best thing I have ever done. 
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