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Ashley And Steph Green Have Triumphed Out Of Adversity, Turning A Life Changing Diagnosis Into A Very Successful Fitness Business - The Better Body Studio
  Who are you and what do you offer?
Ashley: My background is as a professional dancer, I won a lot of competitions and was in a West End dance company. To supplement my career I used to train professional dancers, take them to the gym and help them with their strength training. From there I moved on to Personal Training (PT), beginning actually with Zumba classes. Dance and fitness – that’s my bag – I had quite a big following. It’s where I met Steph! 
Steph: Our business model is semi-private training, although we also run one-to-one as well. We have 60 clients now compared to the 21 we had when we started with FMA.
  Why did you decide to reach out to Fitness Marketing Agency?
Ashley: At the end of 2013 everything was going really - we had loads of clients for Zumba, all the classes were full. I was operating on a mobile basis and was out all the time working a lot of hours. Then I started getting pain in my neck and over the course of 8 months it got worse, to the point I would try to demonstrate a push up and would collapse. I had loads of misdiagnosis, but eventually it was realised that the vertebrae in my neck had collapsed as a result of a pre-curse form of cancer! 
I had to stop everything while I was having radiotherapy and Steph had to take over everything.
Steph: I was basically 5 months pregnant taking Zumba classes.
Ashley: That completely changed our thought process. We realised that being simply busy yourself doesn’t work, because if something happens to you there is nothing to fall back on. We decided I needed to get out of the business and start working on it rather than in it.
Steph: The area where we realised we had issues was the marketing. We totally struggled with the marketing. We didn’t do any marketing really, we simply didn’t know where to look or what to do. We clung on month-by-month hoping we got an extra client or two.
Ashley: We knew people were killing it through Facebook, we simply didn’t know how. Then we found Fitness Marketing Agency and it completely revolutionised it.
Steph: We never realised the stuff that goes on in the background and we really didn’t have the time to be doing that. 
  How did the Fitness Marketing Agency make the difference?
Steph: Fitness Marketing Agency has all the knowledge. They know the industry and what you need. They give you all that information and knowledge to properly market yourself and move your business forward.
Ashley: When we started with FMA we had around 20- 21 clients. We now have over 60+ clients and we never have that feeling like we are about to go under.
  Why should people work with FMA?
Ashley: The impact it has had on our business.
Steph: They are amazing. They are always there to help you, there to advise you. I don’t know where we would be if we hadn’t found FMA!
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