Discover How CHEK Institute Trained Personal Trainers Added £17,000 ($21,937) Extra To Their Fitness Business
In Recurring Revenue
Are You Ready to Start Getting Clients Everyday
For Your Fitness Business?

With Over 20 Years Of Experience In The Fitness Industry Vanessa and Marc Waithe-Golland of MASK Personal Training  Rose From Being Guildford's Best Kept Secret To Running Three Different Business Models 

  So what got you into fitness?
Marc: I started from a martial arts background and have been training for 35 years. My real desire and driving force is the wish to help people. I was a morbidly obese child, who managed to get into pretty good shape and wanted to use what I had learnt to help others. 
Vanessa: I have a background in the aesthetic sports, ballet and tap, acrobatics. I enjoyed how it made me feel, learning about food, nutrition and movement. We came together through the CHEK Institute (Paul Chek) and the shared dream to help others reach their goal.
  What Led You To Fitness Marketing Agency?
Marc & Vanessa: Our forte is our CHEK practitioner skills, nutrition and our strength and conditioning work. There is no way I have the time, or inclination, to become a marketing guru. That is not me.
We used to joke we were Guilford’s best kept secret, we started from quite humble beginnings and soon realised our passion was helping people and not 
the business side of fitness. We became the ones that needed help, we were in the process of doing a website but were not sure how and where to go especially with the marketing. We were struggling and stressed all the time.
At the time, we were going to anyone who said they could help. It really didn’t matter – even if they obviously didn’t care about us, our business or our industry. We were so desperate for marketing help from professionals. Then we found the Fitness Marketing Agency and it was incredible. What makes them so different from everyone else is that they truly know their stuff and they care.
  How did Fitness Marketing Agency make a difference?
Mark: To have someone like Fitness Marketing Agency on board with all their ready made formulas, that are designed solely with the fitness industry in mind, is incredible. The best thing for me is how simple the formulas and programmes are to use. We can simply click here and it is done. I am not computer savvy at all, so to have all that side of the business done by a professional is wonderful. We would simply put our details in, it did the rest. It sent the stuff out without another thought and we had clients coming our way, turning up at our door. It was incredible and that is why we love working with the Fitness Marketing Agency.
  Where are you now?
Marc: We now have a much larger set up and run three different business models. We have the Mask Personal Training – if you want to loose weight or get in shape. Then we have Holistic Lifestyle Coaching – where clients come for one to one. Then the Check Practitioner Route – for people with physical limitations, or ADHD, Autism etc. I also train high elite martial artists and MMA fighters!
  In terms of hard cash what difference has Fitness Marketing Agency had on your business?
Vanessa: Since we started we have grown an additional 15 clients and seen an additional £17,000 come our way which is phenomenal. That is money we would never have had and we would have had to work so hard to find.
Marc: The beautiful thing is we have not had to do any of the marketing. We haven’t needed to waste training time to go on street corners handing out fliers or anything ourselves. We simply supply them with basic things, the odd video and then all the work is done for us.
  It’s clear what Fitness Marketing Agency has done for your business, but as individuals what has it done for you?
Marc: In terms of our bottom line it has been incredible. This has taken a lot of pressure off us and removed all the stress. More than that, it has enabled us to look at the bigger picture. Where do we want to go in the future. Can we open a second studio, a third, fourth or fifth?
  The future For Your Business?
Marc: There is so much more. We haven’t even implemented everything the Fitness Marketing Agency has sent our way. Yet we have had such great return already, so if we start implementing more we will already be on route to our second, third, fourth. Then we will be achieving our dream of helping more people thanks to the Fitness Marketing Agency. 
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