Discover How CHEK Institute Trained Personal Trainers Added £17,000 ($21,937) Extra To Their Fitness Business
In Recurring Revenue
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About Vanessa and Marc Waithe-Golland

Who? Marc and Vanessa Waithe-Golland

Date Joined: 01.11.2017

Problem: They were Guildford’s best kept secret. Marc and Vanessa were very well qualified and had been in the industry 20+ years but their business wasn’t bringing in the required revenue needed and they were not having the impact they wanted. Lesser coaches with fewer qualifications were getting more traction and success

Solution: Joined Fitness Marketing Agency programme UpLevel (A 12-month programme that shows you how to scale your fitness business using online and offline marketing.)

Did it work? Yes, they made an additional £17,000 in recurring revenue and have gone onto scale their fitness business adding extra staff to deal with the demand they have created.
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